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The Sims2 lots

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Maison Mortice [May. 9th, 2005|04:39 am]
The Sims2 lots

Zone TypeResidential
ContainsOutside: graveyard, garden pond, cow plant, swimming pool
Ground floor: atrium, kitchen, 2 bathroom, study, exercise room, wedding chapel
First floor: master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, 2nd bedroom with 2 single beds, lounge, room with urns and Resurect-O-Tron
Custom contentBuyable career and aspiration rewards by twojeffs
Tutorials usedNone
RequiresSims2, Sims2 University EP
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at night

ground floor
ground floor

first floor
first floor

from the back
from the back

the swimming pool
swimming pool


going a little mad (she's dead now though)
going mad

the cow plant
cow plant